Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 3

Tuesdays Gouache Demo
HI everyone;  we will be returning to the LA Arboretum this week, but always check this blog before leaving for class just in case there's a last minute change.  Please bring your membership card (or receipt) and always bring your student I.D.

Please double-check your supplies and remember to prepare your palette (sponge and paper) before coming to class. 

Have a sealing plastic water container that holds at least 32 ounces, and fill before coming to class.
Also, bring 2 illustration boards (double weight/cold press).  1) 4 x 6 (value study)  and  2) 6 x 9 (color)

we will meet in the "staging area" inside the entrance, just to your right.
Please be there by 9:30 am...
Friday's Gouache Demo

Tuesday's Gouache Demo

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