Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Week 7

The Thursday and Friday classes will meet in the lab. Please bring ALL of your artwork to date, as well as photo reference.  Do your best to have your 10 architectural reference photos this week.  We're already half-way into the term and you need to begin the architectural painting no later than next week.  (see below)

Please be there by 9:00 am...

Friday's Gouache Demo

Monday's Gouache Demo
as a reminder.........

Architectural Photoshop Assignment

NOTE:  Photographs due no later than week 7, however, it may rain this Thursday and Friday, so if possible, take photos this week!

Take 10 photographs of interesting architectural structures to be completed in Photoshop during lab sessions.  This is in addition to the 3 final Photoshop paintings due as part of the final on week 14.

The best time to take your photos is late afternoon, preferably after 4pm.  The objective is to have interesting lighting on your structure.  Three quarter views usually give the best views rather than front-on views.  This will increase your sense of depth and perspective.


Monday's Gouache Demo
Friday's Gouache Demo

Thursday's Gouache Demo

Gouache Demo Week 2

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